Easter Monday

Happy Easter!

Maybe you can tell, vacation mugs are very unique. There is a certain unprofessional charm they are created with. 

Like last week, I’d like to do a theme mug week but its hard to compile all the mugs on time. One day the mugs are there the next day(s) they’re not. And sometimes they don’t turn up for months. Actually since I’ve started the mug posting I’ve noticed mugs circulating through the building. They are showing up on different floors, different kitchens. I have showing up to meetings and seeing someone I do not know drink out of a mug that I have posted. It’s funny when this happens, it’s like I’ve travelled back to a city I’ve visited before and it’s like an immediate connection to this person. We share a something in common. But I’d like to keep that one to myself. Because how silly would it sound if I leaned across the table and pointed out that we have something in common, we’ve both had a drink out of the same mug. 

Anyways it is hard to plan themed week without taking all the photos and advance. If I did that then what would be the point of drinking out of a different mug a day. 



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