Monday Mug

What a weekend!  My wife is away, and when the wife is away the boys will play.  And we packed it in so much that we both slept in this morning.  I rarely pass out at night but once I closed my eyes I was gone.

I think its fair to say that people don’t want to throw mugs away.  Like that old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.  For mugs as long as you can sip from it it’s still usable.   Take this mug for instance, it’s had some wear and tear.  Its scraped, has a large lip-slitting chip on the side, the paint is wearing away and some of the details are hard to see.  And yet someone would rather keep the mug then throw it out.  I’m for keeping it.  Without them I wouldn’t have a mlog (Mug Blog).

Could it be that people who donate their old-roughed-up mugs to the office are convincing themselves that they are doing more good then bad?  Which is partly true, the mug will still get used and it will take more time to get to the landfill.  Why not give this mug away so that someone else can deal with it?  And what better place to send the mug than to work.  Its convenience, we come here every day.  But it takes more effort to go out of your way to donate to a charity.  And discarding something that still works is a moral challenge.

Keep bring your old mugs coming to work!


An honoured past, a committed future.


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