Surprisingly there as some perks to working on a Saturday.  For one you have your choice of coffee mugs.  Even from co-workers desks.  Then there is the peace (hopefully) of the office.  Right now I’m working on a pitch for Monday but at the ease of an empty office I can play some music.  And if your company has some flex in hours you could bank the time for a lieu day.  Next weekend is looking good.

This is the only Easter mug I have seen at work.  And while looking for a spoon for my oatmeal I did notice an overwhelming amount of knives.  At one point I thought I would post odd spoons since there is such a wide variety.  But its nearly impossible trying to find any during the week.  I’ve never seen 2 of the same style yet I only see about 2 a week.  So I resolved it not to do it as there would only be a few postings.  And I wouldn’t do knives because there are a lot of the same style and well, they’re just dinner knives.

I’ll stick with mugs.




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