We’re going through a purge phase.  My wife is sorting through old boxes, junk piles and throwing out stuff we don’t use.  I’m having a hard time purging stuff like furniture when I’ve had it for such a long time.

Anyway, my honey has put all our CDs in the car.  All 300 of them for me to go through. This is great!  I can sort through them by listening to one a trip!  This past Saturday I listened to an EP by Fluke – Atom Girl (my son liked this one), and then we listened to a horrible mix of covers.  I chucked it after (My mixes suck, they start great for about 6 songs and then plummet).  Music was a large part of my teens.  It’s great to listen to stuff that I haven’t heard for a while, music that meant something to me, meant enough for me to have it on a CD.  Maybe my next “daily” project should be called “Guess, what did I listen to today?”

Oh, the mug.  Holy smokes, I thought SDI was long gone.  Well, I found this mug then had a sip.  if you see this mug have a sip.



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