Learning from my son

Last night at my son’s Judo class I was ask to fight.  I usually take a spectator position at the edge of the mats and coach my son.  I wrestled and lost…twice.  When I finished the second match the Sensei let me know the boy was 13.

It was important for my son to see me fight another.  That statement alone is strange to see.  I’m soft, slow, and always said I was a lover.  But it was important to show my son what I looked like fighting.  Or rather it was important for him to see a role model to fight. And lose.  It was important for me too.  But what was more heart felt was what he said to me on the drive home, “Dad, you were sloppy.  But if you practice more with me you won’t get better and you won’t be a failure.”  Hey, wait a minute who is teaching who here.  He’s only 5 and what his thoughts and words are so intelligent it breaks my heart.

And so we will practice more together.  And then I will kick that 13 year old’s butt.

BTW, it’s Friday… again.  But today I have the day off.  Insert sigh of relief.  It’s been a busy week.  I believe I scored 25% more work for my team.  Great, except it means 25% more work.  🙂 So today is a well needed break.  And it’s a P.A. Day.  So I get to hang with my son.  We’ve got a whack load of work and activities to do.  But I know it all will be fun with him.  There is a certain weight he takes off my shoulders when we’re together.  Kind of like what a vacation does. (Hope my wife doesn’t read this).

Oh, the mug.  This is mug I would have used today. Check it out.  I didn’t see the logo until I got to my desk.  It’s an old Zeller’s mug.  I’m tagging this as a ‘classic’ as it is a classic.

Enjoy your Friday mug!  And enjoy your weekend.




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